Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum Announces Energize WI Tour

(Madison, WI) – The Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum (WisCEF) is pleased to announce our “Energize Wisconsin” tour. Energize WI is an unprecedented effort, over the next five months, to visit thirteen locations showcasing the future of energy markets across our state.

Due to falling costs and the increased efficiency of technologies like wind, solar, and battery technology, energy markets have begun a market driven transition to renewable energies. Our goal is to connect legislators, media, and stakeholders with the people working in Wisconsin to turn this transition into an opportunity for economic development, job creation, and inexpensive home-grown power.

WisCEF is a group of conservative individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in sparking a dialogue about Wisconsin’s energy future. We believe that an “all of the above” energy policy must be pursued by increasing our state’s commitment to reducing energy waste and developing “Wisconsin-grown” clean energy resources. Leveraging Wisconsin’s transition to clean and renewable energy will stimulate our economy, lower electricity costs, protect our national and grid security, reduce pollution, and improve public health for all Wisconsinites. 

Scott Coenen, Executive Director of WisCEF, said energy markets are changing rapidly, new technology is emerging, and competitive markets are moving in the direction of renewables. Leaders in our state have an opportunity here; embrace this change, build on its success, and look for ways to help markets in this transition,” Coenen said. “Through this tour we hope to help decision makers and stakeholders learn what is already underway in energy markets in every corner of our state, and start having conversations about what we can do to leverage this to Wisconsin’s benefit.”

Energize WI will showcase the significant work already being done in our state to capitalize on and lead the emerging renewable energy economy – ensuring Wisconsin remains competitive regionally, nationally, and even globally for years to come. This tour series will feature sites across Wisconsin, including utility scale wind and solar, bioenergy plants, companies committed to sustainability, rooftop solar installations, and manufacturers up and down the renewable energy supply chain. Energize WI will showcase the future of energy markets in our state and launch a discussion about how we can leverage an emerging international industry to our benefit.

Attached you will find a save the date detailing the sixteen sites we will be visiting across the state and the dates for each tour. Individualized invitations will follow as we get closer to each event. We look forward to seeing first hand how Wisconsin is working to ensure our state has affordable, reliable, and efficient energy for generations to come. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

For more information, visit www.wiscef.org. Additionally, follow updates on Twitter at @WISCEF and visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WISCEF.


Announcing the Launch of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum

Conservative educational organization seeks to highlight “all of the above” approach to energy
(Madison, WI) – Conservative community leaders gathered today at the Wisconsin State Capitol to announce the launch of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum (WISCEF), an organization that seeks to be a long missing voice for conservatives in the state’s energy policy discussion. 
Scott Coenen will serve as the executive director of the organization.  Coenen said that WISCEF launches in a unique moment in U.S. energy history. For the first time, many renewable forms of energy, such as solar and wind, are cost competitive with fossil fuels. “Conservatives need to emphasize the development of cheap, reliable, and cost-effective energy,” he said. “To do that, we need to recognize that advances in technology increasingly mean renewable and alternative energy fits that description; cheap, reliable, and cost-effective. However, for too long conservatives have not engaged on this issue and we’ve allowed groups on the left to drive the message.” 
The launch of the forum provides the opportunity to drive a conservative message. “We founded WISCEF in order to start to change this dynamic, to bring conservatives to the table to discuss these new technologies, and introduce a new conservative message to the renewable energy debate,” said Coenen.  
Coenen said too often renewable and alternative energies are thought of as “green” experiments that only serve to drive up the cost of energy. “As new technologies are developed and the market changes, we need to change our pre-conceived notions too. Renewable energy can be about job creation, economic development, and sustainable cost-effective energy. That message is a conservative message.” The group is made up of forwardthinking conservatives ready to change the dynamic of the state’s energy conversation. The WISCEF Leadership Council currently includes:

Tommy Thompson – Former Governor of Wisconsin

Ryan Owens – UW Madison Professor Political Science

Mark Honadel – Former GOP State Representative and Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities

Debbie Crave – Vice President of Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Matt Neumann – President of Neumann Companies Inc. and Sunvest Solar Inc.

Jon Hochkammer – Outreach Manager of the Wisconsin Counties Association

Jake Margis – Chairman of the Wisconsin Young Republicans
The goal of WISCEF is to spur a dialogue and provide a vehicle for individuals, organizations, and businesses to join the conservative conversation about Wisconsin’s energy future. WISCEF believes that an “all of the above” energy policy, with an emphasis on stimulating the state economy, lowering costs, and protecting national and grid security must be pursued by increasing the commitment to developing “Wisconsin-gown” clean energy resources and expanding energy efficiency.  The WISCEF Statement of Principles is attached.  
For more information, follow updates on Twitter at @WISCEF and visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WISCEF.

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WISCEF launch

Announcing the launch of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum 

WHO:  Scott Coenen – Executive Director, Members of the WISCEF Leadership Council
WHAT:  News conference announcing launch of Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum
WHEN:  Wednesday, December 13, 2017 10:00 a.m. 
WHERE: State Senate Parlor, Wisconsin State Capitol
Madison, WI – The Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum (WISCEF) will announce its launch as a new, innovative organization. The Conservative Energy Forum is dedicated to changing the dynamics of the renewable energy conversation in Wisconsin. The Forum will work to bring conservatives to the table to discuss changes in energy markets, including the development of clean and renewable energy resources, energy efficiency technologies, and the impact these projects can have on jobs and economic development.  
The event will take place on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 10 a.m. in the Senate Parlor at the Wisconsin State Capitol.  Several members of the WISCEF Leadership Council will be on hand to give brief remarks, followed by time for questions from the media.